Low-current installations are electrical installations that normally do not carry current that could harm persons or cause property damage
CCTV system

Giving adequate CCTV installation solution (analog / IP)

CO detection system

it is a system that allows the detection of carbon monoxide gas in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. AGEC installs and supervises the system.

Access control system

it is a system that controls the restriction of an entrance to a property, building, or a room to authorized persons and it involves many procedures which AGEC can provide.

Fire alarm

Fire fighters telephony & voice evacuation systems: whether conventional or addressable, AGEC provides high end fire alarm installation complying with the highest norms such as NFPA

SMATV system

providing reliable IF, IR & IP systems.

Data system

ensuring reliable data installation solution, with necessary certification of installation & termination of copper / Fiber optic cables, patch panels, switches and IT racks and servers.

Telephony system

from analog to digital and VOIP, AGEC provides adequate telephony system installation along with full service.